Avoid products that are packaged for customers convenience

Yes, plastic packaging is sometimes needed to sustain food quality and safety. However, many products are packaged for customers convenience.

The transition to less packaged food is a big one in such a consumer-driven society, but it is also a healthier alternative. Buying in bulk is a great option, local organic produce shops and community co-ops that run in certain places, have a great selection of bulk foods and other products that can be stored in glass containers at home. Another bonus is the foods usually have a long shelf life.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fruit and vegetables some organic shops still use far too much packaging. Because of these farmers markets and stalls will always be your best bet for unpackaged fruit and vegetable supplies.

Looking at the packaging dilemma and some foods we choose to buy in pre-packaging certainly makes you realise where it would be better if we all just simplified, shopped at the source and baked our own goods. We live in a world where the time to do this is certainly a blessing not afforded to all, but a worthy goal. I think most people would agree that homemade and locally sourced is better anyway. So consider making a move to a little more home-cooked goodness and ditch some packets. And when purchasing packaged food is unavoidable, try to make the most environmentally sound choice.

What else can you do to avoid unnecessary packaging?

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