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2. Choose low emission foods

Did you know…

Around 24 percent of greenhouse emissions are caused by agriculture and factory farming. This percentage is similar to the emissions caused by the worlds’ electricity generation.

We need to understand that our food choices have an influence on the climate. We do have the power to change it by being more conscious of what we actually eat and how often. 

Although the production of beef, lamb and goat meat has the greatest impact on the environment in the agricultural sector, other meats (such as chicken and pork) also have a relevant impact. For these meats, the feed provision is the most important activity followed by manure management. The emissions are dominated by nitrous oxide from soil turnover of nitrogen and emissions from the production of mineral fertilizers. In addition, the use of energy can be significant for some animals, such as chickens, in order to maintain adequate conditions in buildings. 

Being a Climatarian means that meals should be based on foods that emit fewer emissions. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the hierarchy of impacts on food production. The products of animal origin are mostly those that cause the greatest impact on the environment; therefore, the consumption of these foods should be reduced.

What can you do to eat low emission foods?


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