Do not choose food for aesthetic reasons

Choose by the nutritional value. Buy imperfect foods.

Did you know it’s estimated that Australian producers are forced to dump around 60% of their annual fruit and vegetable production because they are imperfect?

For supermarkets to be able to present only beautiful fresh produce, they need to have strict cosmetic standards, which means they’ll only buy from the farmer’s food that meets certain criteria.  The product needs to be perfect, appearance, colour, shape, size, maturity, damages (e.g. skin blemishes, marks), insects, pest damage, temperature injury and so forth.

As a result, many farmers have to discard large parts of their products and in most cases, they just end up in landfill. 

Some supermarkets started to also sell imperfect fruits and veggies for a lower price:

Woolworths introduced a line called “The Odd Bunch” It helps farmers sell more of their crop instead of letting perfectly edible fruit and veggies go to waste.

Coles offers the “I’m Perfect” fresh produce range. 

Harris Farm Markets offers the “IMPERFECT PICK”, this means that every time you buy an IMPERFECT PICK you will be helping to take more of the farmer’s crops, helping reduce food wastage, and you will also pay half the price compared to perfect produce.

Many other stores are selling their imperfect produce, sometimes you just need to ask for it.

What else can you do?

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